gardening dreams
Lazy Gardening = High Production
Hobby gardens all over the country can benefit from this method of gardening popularized by Japanese farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka. His no-till, natural garden methods have helped Lunaberry Farms produce hundreds of pounds of produce!
"If nature is left to itself, fertility increases. Organic remains of plants and animals accumulate and are decomposed on the surface by bacteria and fungi. With the movement of rainwater, the nutrients are taken deep into the soil to become food for microorganisms, earthworms, and other small animals. Plant roots reach to the lower soil strata and draw the nutrients back up to the surface."
— Masanobu Fukuoka, One-Straw Revolution

mulch & relax

Lunaberry Farm uses 5 cubic tons of mulch every year! We keep our mulch layer 3-5 inches thick. What are the benefits of using hardwood mulch?

  • Suppress weeds
  • Retain moisture levels
  • Feeds soil bacteria
  • Feeds fungal networks
  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Reduce reliance on fertilizers

Fungi are the "teeth of the forest" and are efficient at breaking down hardwood mulch to create the perfect environment for soil bacteria. Herbs, vegetables, and flowers love bacteria-rich dirt. Mulch is an excellent moisture retainer. In return, bigger and more nutritious harvests, and smaller bills! We order our mulch from our local township municipality, it's great!

drip irrigation

Consistent watering is key! In year 2, Lunaberry Farms invested in drip tube irrigation to replace inefficient overhead watering. A starter kit from saved us time and money in the windy, icy Spring, and hot, dry Summer.

We turn our irrigation on for 1 hour every evening to ensure a deep watering for all herbs, veggies, and flowers. Consistent watering reduces plant stress and allows them to focus on growth, flowering, and fruiting.

Drip irrigation also reduces water pooling (mosquitos), reduces powdery mildew on leaves, lowers humidity levels, and boosts the growth of all garden varieties. It can be used on both in-ground and raised beds. I highly recommend drip irrigation for home gardens!


seed success

Knowing when to direct seed and when to start plugs is a personal choice and largely depends on location and how tenacious your bird and squirrel population is. Some species also have a preference. Lunaberry Farms is learning to take all of these factors into account to grow the best possible crops! Some techniques that we use are:

  • Sprouting in plug trays
  • Heat mats & lighting
  • Direct seeding
  • High-density seeding
We plant a variety of non-GMO heirloom and hybrid seeds from big name and local seed producers. Seed-saving is a big next step for us, learning as we go along! Check out our resources page for seed sources.