gardening resources
Good information can be hard to find! I've gathered a growing, rotating list of cool seed sources, USA-based shops, interesting reads, and other growers. Let me know if you have a great resource and I can feature it here.

seed resources

  • Botanical Interests
    Available online and sometimes at your local garden center. One of my favorite suppliers because of consistency and variety.
    Recommend: Bouquet dill, French Breakfast radish, Black Krim tomato, Sun Gold tomato

  • Kitazawa Seed Co.
    West Coast Asian varietals with excellent germination and flavor; all contained in iconic manila & emerald green catalogs and seed packets.
    Recommend: Hybrid Cross daikon, Wild Red Streak arugula, Sweet Large Leaf Thai basil

  • Johnny's Selected Seeds
    New, coveted varieties every year with massive stock. The largest selection of lettuce I've ever seen, and they are delicious.
    Recommend: Salanova Green Sweet Crisp lettuce, Queen Lime zinnia, Leisure cilantro

  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
    Rare seeds, indeed! Affordable, high quality seeds and I think they still add free seeds with every order. 
    Recommend: Sugar Daddy snap pea, Bachelor's Button flower mix, Dragon's Egg cucumber

recommended reading

  • The Vital Question by Nick Lane
    A deep-dive into the origins of life and the energy needed to make complex life possible. It's a little technical, but approachable enough to show the insurmountable odds it took to change life from a peaceful, single-celled amoeba into a gregarious gardener!

  • Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-scale Permaculture
    by Toby Hemenway

    This book has many helpful charts and illustrations for gardens of all sizes and shapes, including trendy keyhole gardens and orchard arrangements. Most importantly, it helps gardeners recreate natural environments to maximize production and minimize field work.